Venture Builder Program

Take your startup to the next level with our Venture Builder Program.
Focus areas: Wellness, Fintech, Agriculture, SaaS, and promising industries.

Application Deadline: 21 March 2021

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What you get?

Development of Business Model

We, all together, focus on creating a winning business model of your startup. You will validate your plans and assumptions, form your team and test the market. We will help you to get ready for getting investment.


We invest in you from day 1 and help you out to get funded to Series A. We fill the investment gap with our internal investment capital and our investment partners, VCs and angel networks globally.

Superhero & Mentors

1to1 professional in-depth support. Work with the experts on business, marketing, finance, tech, design, legal and all your need.

Distribution Channels

Our industry partners are ready to provide you sector-specific know-how and new distribution channels for your product & services and help you out generate cash.

Community & Space

Become a helo member and have access to events & activities that connect you to a great business and angel investor network. Use helo workspaces in Istanbul and Bodrum.

Extend Runway

Get benefit from leading products & services from our valuable partners in global and reduce your cost, extend runway!

The Journey


We meet you to understand your startup’s existing position, deserved place and the gap between. We discover what to do to realize your winning business model and create a strategy to reach out there. Start with applying via this form.

Value Build

We support you to execute the needs that we discovered, like a co-founder. The goal of the program is to find a ‘winning business model’ for you by aligning with the business at every step of your journey. We take 4% equity as a program fee, plus you will have 100K TRY investment ready.

Get Funded

The program looks 6 months-long, but we are with you for a lifetime. Growing you faster, finding new customer channels, and walking with you to the next investment rounds will remain as our main focuses.


Don’t miss the opportunities, be a partner of helo!

Wellness Partner

TheLifeCo offers people alternative solutions in order to improve their overall quality of life with its 360° holistic wellness approach, emerging from the growing needs of people trying to prevent and cope with toxic modern lifestyle.

Fintech Partner

Gedik Investment has the largest customer base of any non-bank local brokerage house, and one of the leading investment banking advisory and brokerage firms in Turkey.

helo! Perks

Our Mentors


Koray Bahar

Koray is the co-founder and managing director of Figopara. Also, he is a board member of Angel Effect and Endeavor Turkey.

Ersin Pamuksüzer

Ersin Pamuksüzer, is the Chairman and The Head of the Basaksehir Living Lab Project and founder of StartersHub. He is also the founder of the well-being companies The LifeCo and SAF brands.

Ömer Yücel

Ömer Yücel, who is a board member of Bahçeşehir Uğur Education Foundation, has supported countless young entrepreneurs.

Erhan Topaç

Erhan Topaç has been a member of Gedik Yatırım Menkul Değerler A.Ş., Gedik Yatırım Holding A.Ş., and a Member of the Board of Trustees of Gedik University.

Barış Özistek

Özistek is the founding member of the executive board and the investment committee of StartersHub and Boğaziçi Ventures.

Gökhan Akar

Gökhan Akar, is the Chairman and CEO at Onicorn. Also, he is a board executive member at Angel Effect.

Onur Topaç

He is the CEO of Gedik Girişim Sermayesi Yatırım Ortaklığı A.Ş (Gedik Venture Capital Investment Partnership). Also, he is a board member of Boğaziçi Ventures.

Ali Servet Eyüboğlu


Alp Avni Yelkenbiçer


Cem Önce


İbrahim Elbaşı


Mustafa Kopuk


Özge Öz

Investment Partners



When and how do I apply?

You can apply for our programs at any time. Your application will be assessed for the nearest programs and other investment opportunities. Apply here.

Do you take equity and invest in every company that goes through the Venture Builder Program?

We take equity as a program fee and it vary depending on the stage of the startup and needs. In addition to that, we also invest in startups coming from our programs starting from 15K USD to 1 Million USD with our investment partners.

What will I get from helo! Venture Builder?

Analysis of Business Model helo! studio has an unique model of business model analyzing. It reveals the gaps and needs between existing and wanted position.

Development of Business Model🚀:We focus on discovering & realizing your “winning business model” with our team, partners, mentors and superheros.

Office hours with superhero & mentors Founders focus on identifying their most important KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and achieving them. Superheros and mentors are ready to solve the problems they face with to-the-point touches, such as:
Product development
Lead generation strategy
Revenue model
Pricing strategy
Hiring and firing
Company culture
Unit economics
Business development
Customer discovery
Go to market strategy

Workshops Superheroes, mentors and industry partners help with many areas of the business that may need support with group workshops.

Team building & organization strategyhelo! community and network attract talents to startups we support. We also analyze the team and suggest new muscles according to the needs.

Seed Investment We put money from the early stages. Starting from 15K USD.

Revenue Generation (first customers & industry partners) With our industry partners and corporate network, it will be easier for startups to find their first customers or POC candidates.

Community helo! community does not only have mentors, but also young talents, developers, designers and service providers specialized for the startups. Empowered with a digital community platform.

Perks Get benefit from leading products & services from our valuable partners in global and reduce your cost, extend runway!

Working spacesStartups can use working spaces in Istanbul & beautiful Bodrum.

Awareness & CredibilityWith its network and PR team, finding new team members, customers, early adopters, investors and press interest are often easier for helo startups. When one of the helo startups does well, the whole community benefits from it.

Fill the investment gapshelo! studio aims to fill the gap between investment stages.
heloBodrum Angels
Startup Borsa (secondary market for startup equity & investment)
Boğaziçi Ventures
Angel Effect

Revenue Generation (international customers)Developing an international business network for startups is one of the main jobs of helo! studio. Startups will benefit from the introductions of helo team and investors.

Fundraising & Exit strategyFunding muscles of helo! studio and it’s network starts from seed investment to IPO. This experience will be useful to plan next funding stages for startups. And we are always ready to help you.

We do also have fun!
The culture and the spirit of helo! means collaboration and support, creativity, taking risks, embracing failure and transparency through the journey. We want you to push your limits and reach out of your comfort zone and take your company to the next level. You will sweat, but also have fun in the process. 😎

I’ve applied and haven’t heard back! When will I get an answer?

We are happy to say that we receive hundreds of applications for each batch. We review each one individually and carefully for maximum impact. We are working really hard to respond to everyone with a yes or no, but unfortunately it could take up to a few weeks to get a response.

Since the program is in Bodrum, do you cover accommodation and transportation costs?

No, but… We’ll invest 100K TRY in return for 2-4% (depends on your stage and needs) of your company. We think that 100K TRY is currently the right amount for founders to be able to run their company and pay expenses for 6 months in the early stages. We also created a favorable package for startups that includes discounts on selected hotels. It may vary but, monthly accomodation and food cost for Bodrum will be around 5.000 TRY per person. You will be informed about all of the details when you are accepted to the program. By the way, we recommend you to come to Bodrum for the first 2 months, on the other hand, online participation is also OK.