helo! Bodrum

Take your startup to the next level with our early stage program in Bodrum, Turkey.
Focus areas: Wellness, Fintech, Agriculture and SaaS

Program starts: March, 2021

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What is helo! Bodrum?

An entrepreneurship ecosystem that club gathering entrepreneur, precious investors, high impact mentors, and promising startups, in the heart of Bodrum.

Why Bodrum?

Bodrum is multicultural. Bodrum is hip. Bodrum is international. The area has the perfect potential for growth as a global hub for businesses and is increasing in popularity, particularly in the growing tech scene. Bodrum can make the money go round.

What can you find in helo! Bodrum?

What you get?

Development of Business Model

We, all together, focus on creating a winning business model of your startup. You will validate your plans and assumptions, form your team and test the market. We will help you to get ready for getting investment.


We invest in you from day 1 and help you out to get funded to Series A. We fill the investment gap with our internal investment capital and our investment partners, VCs and angel networks globally.

Superhero & Mentors

1to1 professional in-depth support. Work with the experts on business, marketing, finance, tech, design, legal and all your need.

Distribution Channels

Our industry partners are ready to provide you sector-specific know-how and new distribution channels for your product & services and help you out generate cash.

Community & Space

Become a helo member and have access to events & activities that connect you to a great business and angel investor network. Use helo workspaces in Istanbul and Bodrum.

Extend Runway

Get benefit from leading products & services from our valuable partners in global and reduce your cost, extend runway!

Our digital membership is always open from now!

We build relationships with our people that last beyond the time we have with them, we become a family. Also, you can be a part of our family. If you think we can create more together, join us now!

Join Us!

The Journey


We meet you to understand your startup’s existing position, deserved place and the gap between. We discover what to do to realize your winning business model and create a strategy to reach out there. Start with applying via this form.

Value Build

We support you to execute the needs that we discovered, like a co-founder. The goal of the program is to find a ‘winning business model’ for you by aligning with the business at every step of your journey. We take 4% equity as a program fee, plus you will have 100K TRY investment ready.


The program looks 6 months-long, but we are with you for a lifetime. Growing you faster, finding new customer channels, and walking with you to the next investment rounds will remain as our main focuses.

helo! Perks

Our Stakeholders

Our Partners


When and how do I apply?

You can apply for our accelerator programs at any time. Your application will be assessed for the nearest acceleration program or other investment opportunities. Apply here.

Do you take equity and invest in every company that goes through the helo! Bodrum Accelerator Program?

We take 4% of the equity as a program fee. In addition to that, we invest in 100.000 TRY for around 2.5%. When more investment amounts are needed, we collaborate with our investment partners.

What will I get from helo! Bodrum?

Superheroes and Mentorship: One of the biggest benefits of going through the helo! Bodrum Accelerator Program is having access to knowledgeable mentors and people that work for you in person, which we called superheroes. You will have access to the helo team, seasoned entrepreneurs, investors, and individuals with considerable expertise in their field to not only give feedback but also work with you like a cofounder, making you find ¨winning business model¨.
We also host numerous talks and fireside chats. Speakers include top domain experts and great business people on critical topics such as team management, distribution, design, fundraising, and much more.

Help with Distribution 🚀: We have a team of in-company distribution experts to help you grow and improve. We are more than ready to help you about tigger emails, SEO, event-based analytics, paid ads and creative growth strategies.

Fundraising: Our staff is made up of experts with years of experience in fundraising and pitching.  You will learn how to run an effective fundraising process, how and when to talk to investors, and how to effectively tell your story.

Fundraising: We have ambitious and experienced team members to support you for your fundraising and pitching processes. We will guide you through how to interact with investors and how to tell your story flawlessly.

Privileges of helo! Family: The helo! network consists of hundreds of founders and mentors. Each member has diverse backgrounds, areas of expertise, and locations. You will be provided with a growing list of engineers, designers, marketers, and founders.

Visibility and PR helo! has one of the most active seed-stage investors networks in Turkey. The brand of helo! draws an impressive group of people, ranging from investors, strategic corporates, platform partners, press, and even the occasional celebrities. Also, we conduct events and meetups throughout the year to increase the exposure and visibility of your company.

We do also have fun!
The culture and the spirit of helo! means collaboration and support, creativity, taking risks, embracing failure and transparency through the journey. We want you to push your limits and reach out of your comfort zone and take your company to the next level. You will sweat, but also have fun in the process. 😎

How many of the startups are not located in Bodrum? How many are international?

helo! Bodrum has a global reach. We expect 10-20% of a batch is international, and many Turkey-based companies will come from outside of the Bodrum.

What type of companies does helo! invest in?

helo! Bodrum has a diverse range of companies in the tech industry, from marketplaces to SaaS, from media to AI. Some programs have verticals, for instance, the focus of helo.studio Bodrum will be wellness, fintech and SaaS. But it wouldn’t be your concern, we will direct you to the right program. You just need to apply!

I’ve applied and haven’t heard back! When will I get an answer?

We are happy to say that we receive hundreds of applications for each batch. We review each one individually and carefully for maximum impact. We are working really hard to respond to everyone with a yes or no, but unfortunately it could take up to a few weeks to get a response.

Can I just come and work?

We prepared a special package for entrepreneurs and professionals who want to stay in Bodrum and change their mood for a while. Please contact [email protected] to check accomodation and workspace availability. Extra discounts may apply for corporates and startup teams.

Do I have to come physically?

We prepared a special package for entrepreneurs and professionals who want to stay in Bodrum and change their mood for a while. Please contact [email protected] to check accomodation and workspace availability. Extra discounts may apply for corporates and startup teams. Check our ¨Come to Bodrum¨ project.